I have been a huge fan of everythning DOOM for many years! From the classic and modern games, the mods to the overall community which, even after such a long time, is still going strong and coming together to create aweseome stuff! Despite being quite invested in playing and occasionally making levels for classic DOOM, I never made an account on the popular doomworld forums.

For no particular reason I found myself snooping around the forum, looking for new things to play, when a thread, or series of threads, caught my eye: The “ER/IWA - Endless Random /IDgames WAD Adventures”. The premise of this thread is the usage of the famous idgames archive hosted on doomworld, which has been in operation for decades, amassing thousands of fan-made content of all kinds, some posted yesterday, some over 25 years ago!


One feature of this website, which had eluded me until I found the threads, is the “Random File” button at the top of the page. This allows you to get a random entry in the database. This way you can just play a random level / mod that you never heard of before, just by clicking through a few times! The ER/IWA threads then, are based around picking 5 of these WADS at random, and playing through them in a two week period. For each of these WADs the thread participants are then supposed to write a short review, including the info given by the author, screenshots of the levels and a rating.

This really peaked my interest, so I knew I had to participate! Below are links to the 5 Reviews I wrote. Information about the individual maps played will be found within the posts.

Whenever I participate in these threads again, I will add a blogpost with the links to my reviews. Depending on the archive length of the trheads, I might copy my writeups onto the website here, so they don’t get lost.

WAD#01 - Aquafina




WAD#05 - Shovelware Adventures